Amidst the chaos of a fast-paced world where cluttered designs reign, comes Mellow Designs.

We build brands from scratch. We design ad campaigns that impact. 

We craft experiences that define the brand/product. 

We work on limited projects at a time to make sure that we never compromise on quality.

We collaborate with agencies and designers to make great brand stories.

The Birth of Mellow

When it was only a dream


Rohit was a freelance artist studying at Chitrakala Parishat, trying to get by in life. He always had a question that was unresolved- what is a brand? Is it an identity? A product? A necessity? A feeling? A community? Or an experience? 


In the quest to get these answers, he worked at a digital marketing firm for a year and then pursued a master's degree at the National Institute of Design. He studied for 2 years before walking out in his final year. He felt content with what he learned about the design process, but he had a bigger dream to open a studio of his own. A studio, not an agency. 


Turning dreams into reality


In 2017, he didn’t have the resources to fulfill his dream. Dropped out with nothing in hand, he contacted Vishwas, an old acquaintance who was kind enough to house him for a while and help him work as a freelance designer. Little by little, Rohit built the path to Mellow. He got Lilian on the team whom he believed had a good sense of converting a message to a compelling ad copy. Tata Cha, Indiranagar became their first unofficial office. 


During this time, they worked on some of their best campaigns-- Puravankara’s 72 Hour Home Fest, which had more than 1cr impressions and sold 900+ homes. They branded and launched Gold’s Gym RR Nagar, which won the award of The Highest Pre-sales in India. The initial success seemed promising, so Rohit wanted to officially launch his studio.

Officially come true

One night in mid-2018, after their usual meeting at Tata Cha, they went over to a friend’s place to unwind. They were brainstorming on a name for the studio, but couldn't crack it. Rohit then asked Lilian to play something "mellow" to relax to.


That was their eureka moment. Mellow. A feeling. It fills you with a calm sense of euphoria, like a gentle wave. That exactly represented Rohit’s philosophy of design. We need to slow down and take a moment to look at what the core purpose of the brand is, and how we design the experience around it. 


Rohit wasted no time. He officially registered Mellow the very next day.


A couple of months later, he set up his studio. His friend Anisha joined in as an account manager and took care of the studio as a mother. Mellow started collaborating with some of the best artists and designers and made sure that they gave their best to the clients. They had their tough times. But, through it all, Rohit never stopped believing in Mellow. 

Slowly, work started to gush in and Mellow grew to be full of life. Mellow is now branding and advertising studio with a team of 7, working with some of the greatest brands such as Gold’s Gym, Puravankara, Provident, Helios, Quess, Himalaya, Zoomcar, Spar, Indeed, and Nandu’s.

Everyone plays their role in the studio and has surplus time to explore their passions and interests. Ashish games between work, Naveen is a guitarist and brings energy on big stages, Lilian is a professional art model, Biswa is a passionate biker and photographer, and Rohit captures people in their essence.

Mellow always believes in the work policy:

“One for the food, one for the soul”.

We wholeheartedly work to create the experience we present to our customers and constantly think of ways to enhance it to mark the presence of a brand in their hearts. 

Mellow is a feeling. Feel it.