Throw us a challenge, we’ll come up with more than one solution. Here’s how.

Mellow works with entrepreneurs and founders to establish solid brands that speak their vision.

We work with our clients and go through 5 steps together. 








First, we listen. We schedule a meeting with the client. We understand what their requirement is through empathy. Most of our clients identify only the tip of the iceberg, this is when we delve into research. The intense research helps us understand who the brand’s customers are, what their needs are and whether the business side of the brand needs work. Then we move on to the next step-- define.

We identify the problems clearly and discover other possible issues too. For instance, a client may think that they only need a logo, while we see that they need a brand strategy and design language system. 


Through ideation, we fuse design thinking, technology and business strategy to come up with numerous solutions to the problem. We never stick to one solution, we always present a set of other possible options to choose from. 


Seeing is believing. This is where prototyping comes in. We present prototypes of solutions that the client would be satisfied with and also other options that fulfils our creative freedom. 


Testing is integral to keep a business running. We believe in growing with the brand, so we’re always on our toes to identify what’s working and what’s not. 


Did you find that intriguing? Let’s work together and create something cool.