Brand Identity, Advertising, Packaging

The Brief

Hairline Hair and Skin Clinic is an award-winning chain of clinics, based in Bangalore, India. Although a veteran in its field, the brand was losing touch with the latest design trends. So we retained its core persona and gave it a facelift.

The Concept

Keeping Hairline’s image of a medical-grade hair and skin clinic intact, we revamped the way it presented itself as a brand. As the saying goes ‘out with the old and in with the new’, we did exactly just that.

The Campaigns

We designed campaigns for print with a cleaner template. The colour palette stayed true to its origin, however, we used more of the lighter colours to improve the readability of the ads on print. We presented solutions to hair problems without appearing vulgar.

zest gif (1).gif


Keeping it simple and minimalistic, the website was designed to help prospective customers get a glimpse of the club and its happenings.

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