A Day in the WFH Life of a Mellow Copywriter

The current state of the pandemic that seems never ending has created the need to adapt and build new schedules and practices to keep ourselves sane. Being stuck at home for over a year hasn't been easy on anyone, but the world still continues. We still need to go about our daily tasks and routines with minor tweaks here and there. Here at Mellow, we believe we must overcome, and so while we might not be able to work at the studio for a bit longer, let's dive into a day in the life of our Mellow copywriter and his work from home schedule.

Set up your work space at home to suit you

Like most people in the creative field, Karthikeyan is not a fan of the new norm, that is, work-from-home. Having joined Mellow just a few months ago, during the lockdown, he has not had a chance yet to work with the team in person, a regret of his as he finds all of us quite interesting! But a positive attitude is just the recipe to get through these tough times, and that is what he brings with him to his workspace at home every day. Listing out the main advantages of WFH, he said, "The flexibility to attend meetings or just work in boxers and I don't need to spend time getting ready for the workday and worry about the daily commute." Hmmm, Karthikeyan, we appreciate the positive spin for sure!

Some say the additional stress of work-from-home is precisely the point that our copywriter says allows him flexibility. Most corporations expect their employees to use this saved time to work extra, so how does one squeeze in three meals between work and calls? Karthikeyan does it this way! He said, "because of WFH, my mornings are truly - mellow. I wake up without the need of an alarm as our workday starts leisurely at 10:30 am and relax with a cup of filter coffee or masala chai, brighten my spirits with some light entertainment and get myself in the creative headspace for the workday ahead." (creative wordplay noted, Karthikeyan!)

Start your day doing what you enjoy

Additionally, he mentions that the tools we have adopted at Mellow help him and all of us work efficiently. Our digital office space uses ClickUp, Jibble tracker, and Slack to assign and track tasks and attendance. They've truly made the transition from offline to online as smooth as possible!

Slack, a digital space to communicate and assign tasks for the work day ahead!

While making himself breakfast is a relatively simple task, it gets more complicated for lunch, where he says it's either leftovers to the rescue, Swiggy or Zomato. Once the workday ends at 7:30 pm, he likes to unwind with more entertainment through Netflix or some reading. With covid taking away the chances of enjoying the nightlife and socialising, this works for him perfectly.

So finally, what does he specifically enjoy about being at Mellow? He says he enjoys unpredictability as there's never a dull moment with new and exciting clients and challenges. He describes his life as simple, with enough time to rejuvenate and get his creative juices flowing before the next workday.

Personalise your workspace at home

Some last-minute advice from Karthikeyan is always to remember to keep a good work-life balance, and though it may be difficult to set those boundaries in the WFH environment, consciously make a decision to not take your work home with you, or at least to the next room in this case!

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