A Mellow Foray Into the World of Tech

"All companies are software companies." Said by Satya Nadella and then reiterated by Aftab Ullah, Chief Delivery and Operating Officer at Brillio, this statement forms the crux of our blog this Friday. What is a software company? You must be wondering. Well, to put it simply, it is a company that produces software, handles distribution, and makes products, a company that employs technology as the basis of its business model—a company of the future, in sync with the digital demands of the changing world around us. If there is anything that the pandemic has taught business owners, it is to deal with uncertainty. It has taught us the importance of a solid online digital presence, tackling the changing needs of consumers and markets, and creating an ever-changing business plan.

Mr. Aftab Ullah, COO of Brillio

In times like this, you cannot simply adopt another company's product to help transfer your business online; you need an application that is unique to you. You need to ensure that your data is protected and that your application is a versatile and durable innovation that can predict future changes as much as possible.

Having said this, we have an exciting announcement to make. We at Mellow have teamed up with Brillio, a pioneer in creating software solutions for companies to keep up with today's digital trends. In uncertain times like these, Brillio is thriving because of its innovative practices and ability to adapt. With most of the consumer base encompassing the Gen Z and millennial generations, a transformation of the digital ecosystem is a must. Aftab Ullah at Brillio has made it abundantly clear that to have a successful software company; you need first to adopt a software mindset, the six dimensions he speaks about eloquently at the ETGDIS Summit.

Virtual summit for Brillio's keynote presentation

What is "The Economic Times Global Dital Innovation Service Summit (ETGDIS)" that we just spoke about? It is an opportunity for you to listen to Mr. Aftab Ulla, COO at Brillio. A man so vested in bringing creative digital solutions right to the doorstep of your brand that after hearing him speak, there will be no doubt in your mind that the transformation to a software company is a must. He talks in-depth about the advancements of digital spaces and the way forward for your brand through uncertain times like these. It is inspirational, to say the least, and with a generous dose of extremely informative points that will leave you pondering your stance.

We're proud that Mellow is collaborating with such visionaries, and we can bring our design innovation and prowess to the software world with Brillio.

We worked effortlessly to create the video that will premier at this summit with Mr. Aftab for the forum, which airs on 23rd and 24th September. Filmed entirely in-house at Mellow, we had a small crew on hand through the process. We then edited the entire thing to create nothing short of cinematic excellence, if we may say so ourselves! Adding to this, we brought about stunning visuals for the presentation with our copywriting, perfecting the script so that Brillio's message could reach you loud and clear. We are excited to present it to the world and at this prestigious summit, no less alongside Brillio.

We are glad to have worked on the ETGDIS summit, co-powered by Brillio, which will make you want to transform your brand in all the good ways possible. A thriving business is within your grasp, don't miss out!

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