Content of Kindness: Open Source Pandemic Communication

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

If you’re an individual struggling to communicate during the pandemic, here’s something for you.

Our friend at @TheVoiceCompany penned down an open-source document that can help you if you need to put out communication but don’t quite know how to frame it.

The pandemic has made it a living hell for a lot of us. Millions losing their jobs, clients ignoring bills, relationships falling apart, the scenarios are endless. We understand that it's difficult to put into words how you feel without coming off as awkward or unprofessional. Here are some messages based on several scenarios that you can copy-paste and edit as you like. Credits to Bodhisatwa Dasgupta


Looking for a job


This is hard for me to write, and harder still to put it out there. But it is what it is.

I don’t need to tell you how hard the pandemic has hit people. Unfortunately, I

am one of them. I was let go in <insert month> and I’ve been trying to look for a

job since then. I don’t know a lot of people, and I’m using this platform as a last

resort. I’m a <insert occupation> and have <insert number of work ex years>

working in the industry. If you’re reading this, and are looking to hire, please

reach out. If you’re not looking to hire but know someone who might, please

share this post, or at least tag the person. I will be deeply indebted for the help. Thank you for reading.

SMS / WhatsApp Hi. As you perhaps know, I’m currently unemployed because of the pandemic.

And it’s getting really hard, as the days go by. If you know of someone who’s

looking to hire, can you please share my resume with them? Here’s the link

<insert link to profile>. I will be indebted to you.


Sending an invite on Linkedin

Hi <insert name of connection>. I’m taking the liberty of sending you this invite because I’d like to connect with you regarding <insert purpose of connection>. I’ve been following your posts for a while now, and there’s much to learn from you. I’d be grateful if you accepted this invite.


Payment not cleared by client


Subject: Help keep small businesses alive. Please Email Body:

Hi <insert client name>,

As you’re aware, our invoice number dated still hasn’t been cleared. And while we understand it’s a small amount for your company, please understand that it’s quite significant for us. Especially during this pandemic, where mostly everything is hand to mouth. This is a humble request to please clear our payment as soon as you can, so our small business can stay alive and not die out. We do hope you’ll understand.


Interview done but no offer letter yet


Subject: Nobody likes being ghosted. Especially during a pandemic.

Email Body:

Hi <insert client name>,

I’m sorry to bring this up, but it’s been <days since interview happened> and I haven’t heard from you yet. As you can imagine, that’s cause for anxiety and stress, something that there’s enough of already, thanks to the pandemic. Could you please let me know if you’ll be taking things forward with me since if you aren’t, I’ll have to start looking at other options quickly.

Please understand, this is not to pressurise you in any way, but just so I know what lies ahead of me in the weeks and months ahead.

Have a fantastic day!

<Insert your name here>


Proposal sent, but haven’t heard back


Subject: Was something wrong with our proposal?

Email Body

Hi <insert client name>,

It’s been <insert number of days since proposal was sent> since we sent you our proposal for <insert job>. As you can tell, we were really looking forward to working with you on this project, and to that end, we put in a lot of thought and effort into the proposal. If you’d like clarity on anything, we’re happy to talk you through it, or if you think our quotation was too high, we’re happy to hear what you have in mind before we re-visit it. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and hopefully, taking this forward. Hope you’re well, and staying safe.

<insert your name here>


Mail to boss about taking time off


Subject: I need to catch a breather, please. Email Body

Hi <insert boss name>,

You’re aware just how hard this work-from-home is. There’s a whole bunch of things to manage, and everything needs our attention all the time. Over the last few days, I’ve been feeling a little stressed, and I feel I need to just catch a breather for a day or so. So, with your permission, could I take a day off, please? It’ll mean the world to me, and to you as well because I’ll be more productive when I’m back. Do let me know.

<Insert your name here>


To partner for not being able to spend quality time


Hi <insert cute name>, Just wanted to tell how sorry I am for not being able to spend a lot of time with you during this whole WFH thing. You know how stressful it all is, and work just doesn’t seem to end. I love you, and I’d like to block a day entirely for us, to do anything that you’d like to do (at home, preferably). Or, I could plan a surprise for you as well. Your call. Love you. Hopefully, things will get better soon. <Insert your cute name here>


This list is by no way exhaustive, but it’s a start.

If there’s another situation you have in mind that’s not covered here, all you have to do is write to bodhi@thevoicecompany, and he’ll write one for you, for absolutely free. :)

Much love, Mellow and The Voice Company

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