Provident Capella

Comic series and illustration

The Brief

Provident was launching a new property, Provident Capella, that was child-centric and offered a range of fun and educational amenities. The target audience for this property was parents with young children, as the environment was designed to nurture their growth.

The Idea

During the launch event of such properties, parents often bring their children along with them. We wanted to make the most of it while speaking the language of the children. So we conceptualized a comic book that would be distributed at the time of the event. This would help children visualize what life would be like living in such a property and hopefully convince their parents to make the right choice.

The Concept

In collaboration with Sankalp Communications, we designed the characters to depict the little challenges that arise in children’s lives. Often they are troubled with boredom.

So we created an antagonist- Boremon, and a protagonist- Captain Capella. The comic was scripted and sketched like a classic comic book.

The Campaigns

Hoardings were posted across the city that featured the comic book’s main characters.

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