Interactive Print Ad | Concept

The Brief

Puravankara, a renowned real estate company, wanted to position themselves as a brand of tomorrow. Trying to convince one about the future with words or visuals can sometimes be creatively inadequate. Thus, this concept was born.

The Idea

Mellow in collaboration with Sankalp Communications took the campaign to the next level with an interactive concept. By incorporating conductive ink onto the print ad, the ad would light up with a simple touch on the printed phone. This showed how simple it was to control the lights in Puravankara’s modern homes.

The Process

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Print Campaign

If John Lennon worked in real estate this is probably how he would sell houses. 

In collaboration with Sankalp Communications, imagination soared high to create a series for a print ad campaign. Creative copy with futuristic graphics came together in union to create a unique campaign that positioned Puravankara as a brand of tomorrow.