Product Design | Concept


The Problem

Enforcing and maintaining social distancing is a challenge in India. It is a natural habit to rush and violate personal space, even with strict rules in place.


The Solution

We designed a clip to alert the user to maintain social distance in public spaces.

zest gif (1).gif

How it works

The device will be offered at the entrance of shopping malls, parks, airports and other places of gathering. This must be worn by the visitors upon entry.

With the help of radio waves technology, the distance between 2 clips will be tracked. So whenever a person comes too close to the other, the clip vibrates for the first 5 seconds for both of the users.

If the users don’t maintain the required social distancing, then it will start to beep in ascension.


The SafeClip can be used at shopping malls, airports, parks and other places of gathering which will help people maintain distance between each other. Using easily available technology, the cost of the SafeClip makes it super-efficient. The SafeClip can be reused, thereby reducing e-waste.


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